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Hello party goers from the Bellevue Masquerade Ball party. Please check here for the photographs.

Hello Models, Designers, and Fashionistas! For information regarding photographs from the On My Block Fashion Show or the recent 3 Seattle Fashion Week Fashion Shows on April 16th, 17th, and 18th, please check here.

Add me on facebook. Become a fan of my page.

View my commercial site at http://www.nwphotogs.com. I offer commercial services including weddings, birthdays, parties, fashion/glamour shoots, portrait shoots for families and children, headshots for executives and agents. For more information on the services I provide and hiring me, please visit my commercial site.

I specialize in event photography and have a strong interest in community and activism photography.
You can see my photojournalism portfolio as of January, 2009 here.

For now, please checkout my photographs on my flickr page: "Flickr Photo Collections".

Full website for Huzefa Mogri Photography will be coming shortly.

Feel free to contact me. Navigate to the contact link at the top.

Recent collections added:
2009-04-17: Seattle Fashion Week: Urban Showcase Fashion Show [link]
2009-04-16: Seattle Fashion Week: Independent Designer Show [link]
2009-04-11: New York Fashion Academy: Prima la Luce: First Light Fashion Show [link]
2009-03-28: Bonza Bash 2009 [link]
2009-03-26: Seattle Fashion Week: Student Fashion Designer Competition 2 [link]
2009-03-20: Venom Private Party hosted by Whisper Entertainment for Seattle Fashion Week [link]
2009-03-18: Nightscape Cityscape [link]
2009-03-15: Saint Patricks Day Dash [link]
2009-03-14: Saint Patricks Day Parade and Irish Festivals [link]
2009-03-04: Portrait Phillip Taron [link]
2009-02-26: Seattle Fashion Week: Student Fashion Designer Competition [link]
2009-02-16: Olympia Oppose State Budget Cuts Rally [link]
2009-02-07: Crush Party [link]
2009-01-31: Chinatown New Years Celebration [link]
2009-01-19: March MLK [link]
2009-01-07: Model Shoot: Eden Vanspoor [link]
2008-12-07: Taproot Theatre staging “It’s a Wonderful Improv Life”. [link]
2008-11-05: Protest Against Proposition 8 in Seattle, WA [link]

2008-11-01: Dance GI Coffeehouse [link]
2008-10-22: Protest Oct 22 Police Brutality [link]

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